Thursday, January 20, 2011

Who Are We and Why Do We Blog?

Hi.  I'm Jen.  And this is my second attempt at blogging.  We have oh, so much going on with our life right now.  And as always, I have oh, so much to say...that here I am again...tapping away on my laptop...puttin' everything out there. 

I thought I'd take a moment, before I begin to fill this space with nothing but my odd opinions and crazy spin on the world's happenings, to introduce our cast of characters.

Me:  Jen.  30-something, female.  Lesbian.  Partner to the most incredible woman in the world.  Mother to the coolest teenager I've ever met.  Speech-Language Pathologist by trade and by choice.  Political addict/activist. 

UncleR:  My wonderful, amazing partner.  She asked me to marry her and I said yes.  But not before I asked her too.  Oh, and I invited her to blog with me...cause she often has something to say.  And she usually says it better than me.

J:  My 14 1/2 year old son.  He is cool.  Cooler than cool.  And part of me thinks he knows it.

Big C:  My BIL to be.  He lives with us.  He dances like nobody's watching.  And I love him more than life itself.

2 dogs and a cat:  Kadee, Rory and Lilly.  One of the dogs likes to roll in horse poo, the other one wants nothing more than to sit in your lap...all. day. long.  The cat gets upset when you don't serve her every. want. and. need.

And that's us.  The "modern" American family.  2 ladies, their kid, their brother and their gaggle of animals.  And LOTS of laughing, good times, and love. 

Next:  I'll blog about something more meaningful...I hope.  Or maybe I'll just continue to drone on and on about nothing. 

Anywho...I'm blogging again.  Cause this life is too good not to share. 


  1. Great to "meet" everyone! Why UncleR? and whats with the BIL? Thats nice that he can live with his sister.
    Hows Jon handling the changes? I`m thinking very very well and hes the best hes ever been!! are you taking him to D.C?
    Your the BEST Jen! and deserve ALL the happiness in the world!!

    P.S You need to add a coop full of chickens to your gaggle of animals..just sayin'

  2. UncleR is a reference to Uncle Remus from "Song of the South"...which is L's favorite Disney movie.

    Jon's doing so good. But, no. He won't be coming to DC. We're taking a wedding and honeymoon trip by ourselves. We'll come home and join our family to celebrate!

    And chickens. LOL. They smell.