Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's The Weekend, That Must Mean It's Time To Get To Cookin'...

No really.  It's what we do.  We cook.

UncleR and I were friends before we were together in any sort of romantic way.  She once told me that her friends used to kid her...that the person she would spend her life with needed to be a chef, of sort.  When she shared that sentiment, in the back of my mind I heard, "Hey, I can kinda cook."  Wait...before I go on, I must say, UncleR can cook.  In fact, she's a fabulous chef.  She didn't need someone to cook for her.  She wanted someone to cook and eat with her.   

Fast forward to a few years later.  We've now been living together for 6 months.  And we've settled into a routine of sorts. 

It started off simply.  We would plan our family meals a week in advance so that we could shop accordingly.  Having two mommies busy with work and home necessitates this type of planning.  (And I'm a titch bit of the obsessive, planning type.  But, she loves me for it.)

And then came OUR obsession with Food TV.  And I'm going to say our, even though it really started as MY obsession.  Because now it really is OUR obsession.

We work hard during the week.  Weekends are, of course, a time when we relax.  It became a tradition for us to watch the Food Network on Saturday and Sunday unwind to the hours of recipes and beautiful foods traipsed across our screen.  And then we started attempting to make some of these creations.  And those creations led to more experimental foodology.  And those foods have led us to where we are today...where we dare each other, our family members and our palates to try new flavors and tastes.

For example, this weekend's meals will include:  white bean chicken chili (from the Food Network) and homemade mac and cheese and corned beef brisket (from Jen's kitchen). 

You're drooling, right?

Even my facebook page isn't immune.  We make our creations and I promptly snap a picture and post it to my facebook for all my friends to see.  Really, let's be honest...I'm bragging.  It's a "lookee what I can do" sort of thing.  And I hope you're all jealous of my skills.

The last few facebook shots include:

A fruity (heh) salad that both of us loved, made by one of our favorite Disney resorts.  We copied it perfectly.

A homemade white cake with chocolate chips and a marshmallow cream icing.

Last night's smoked turkey, made in our own smoker, and which we were so excited to eat that I forgot to snap the picture before we promptly removed its' appendages.

I should end this blog now.  Because today's marathon of Food TV has begun.  And it's Superbowl weekend on the Food Network.  We're going to be planning our recipes for next week's game.

P.S.-Good eats to you and yours.

P.P.S.-See...I can blog without screaming about inequalities.  Of course, I'm sure that will come around again.  But, this was a good break, no? 

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