Tuesday, January 18, 2011

DC Same-Sex Marriage Opponents Lose, Jen Wins...

Today, the Supreme Court rejected an appeal from opponents of same-sex marriage who wanted to overturn DC's gay marriage law. 

*Insert happy dance here*

I celebrate these victories, all of them, fought across our country.  I celebrate EVERY victory for the LGBTQ community in this country.  Some small, some big...many very recent.

But this decision today?  I celebrate this one in particular in a big way.  Why?  I'm marrying my partner in Washington, DC in a few short months. 

We don't live in DC.  We don't even live close.  We live somewhere in the south...where legalizing same-sex marriage is about as likely as Jessica Simpson joining Mensa. 

We're traveling to our nation's capital to pledge our love for each other...legally.  Sometime this summer, I will hold hands with my partner and pledge myself to her for all of our lives.  We chose DC because of what the place itself represents...the capital of the grand ol' USofA...the place where lawmakers so often debate what freedoms they will hand down to we, "the gays"...

Yesterday, we spoke to our wedding officiant for the first time.  Yesterday, we reserved our hotel room.  Yesterday, we held hands and spoke fondly about our excitement regarding our upcoming nuptials.

Today, the Supreme Court kept our right to marry legal in DC.  This is too good not to share.

Welcome to the blog.

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