Thursday, February 17, 2011

Justin Bieber Has A Very Important Opinion! (AKA: Justin Bieber Has A Fever)

Apparently, underneath Justin Bieber's helmet hair resides an independent, thinking mind.  I was once 16, and I had an opinion too.  I was independent-minded enough to choose to keep my baby since I was pregnant at that age.  Yup, within this person (me) lies a (former?) teenage statistic.  Booyah. 

It's being reported that "The Biebs" (or however the fuck you spell that) revealed some of himself to all of his pre/teenage fans in an inverview with Rolling Stone.  He even got the cover.  Curiously, his helmet hair was absent from his cover shot...instead being replaced with a messy, spiky jumble...which I'm assuming is supposed to give cred to his new, more mature, bad boy thang.  He has to appeal to the girlies, yo.

Well Bieber fever-ites, your idol believes homosexuality is a choice and that abortion is wrong, even in cases of rape. 

We can argue whether homosexuality is a choice till the fabulous, rainbow cows come home.  In the end, it doesn't matter if you believe a person chooses or doesn't choose their sexual orientation...if they choose to love someone of the same sex or they're born that way (shout out to Lady GaGa).  All that (really) matters is that you support equality for ALL.

But when the message that you send to females is that aborting a fetus as a result of rape (or incest, or molestation) is are entering very dangerous territory. 

I belieb, excuse me, believe Justin Bieber's sentiments were that while it's "really sad" that a woman would become pregnant after a rape, he beliebs "everything happens for a reason". 

Yes, Justin.  It's "really sad".

It's sad that your focus, in your very young, inexperienced mind, is on that of an unborn fetus rather than the female that is raped.  It's sad that girls everywhere will get the message that rape and its' resulting consequences are things that "happen for a reason".  It's sad that girls worldwide worship the ground you walk upon and that you have made this COLOSSAL mistake. 

Oh, but good thing Bieber.  While you argued against abortion and implied that rape "happens for a reason" didn't denounce teen sex.  Cause, according to you, you "should just wait for the person you're in love with".  Werd, Justin.  Werd.  Teenagers fall in love every 60 seconds.  And I should know.  I have a 14 1/2 year old son that reminds me of that fact every time I look at him. 

I'm glad my kid doesn't have Bieber fever.  I'd hate to have to pry a Bieber CD from his hands against his will.  In fact, every time he tells me he doesn't like Justin Bieber, I'm going to high-five him and say, "That's my boy!  The one with GREAT taste in music!"

****I should add a disclaimer to this blog.  It may sound like I'm angry at Justin Bieber.  I'm really not.  He's 16.  His limited world view and young age have shaped his opinions.  But, the kid has followers.  Young kids who are hearing his messages and absorbing them like they're gospel.  And as a parent, I take great issue with the messages that our children are hearing and those that shape their persons.  Whether his opinions are based on age and lack of experience or not, THIS particular message is a dangerous one.  Peace out.


  1. I found a transcript of the article and while he does seem to think homosexuality is a choice,(I have news for him) he also says that it's not his or anyone else's business. I guess I'm not as outraged because A. He's 16, and B. For the son of an evangelical Christian he isn't "stoning" anyone the way most of them do.

    I was more outraged by the statements of the Kings of Leon lead singer, actually. He has a lot of influence on the older teen boys who already have issues with homosexuality and he's legitimizing them. Also, he's not 16.

  2. I agree, Jules. I'm not outraged. I'm more upset that this is a kid that other youngsters emulate. They trust his opinions, and he's sending a dangerous message.

    I had to look up the statements by the guy from KoL. Had no idea. What a jackass. And apparently, he backtracked after people called him on his BS.