Friday, February 4, 2011

A Freshly Fallen Snow...

Today is our 6-month a family.  Six months ago today, J and I moved here. 

Frankly, I was expecting it to be more difficult.  I was expecting that I would have huge adjustments to sharing both my life and home with a partner.  I was expecting that I would have some difficulty with sharing parenting parenting has been a solo sport for 14 years.  Instead, this has been an incredibly easy transition.  Less of a transition, really...and more of "just the way it's supposed to be".  It's been smooth, easy and comfortable.

I was expecting a huge amount of difficulty with J.  After all, J has spent his entire life being sheltered from my adult business.  I raised him by myself, without the assistance of a partner or co-parent, and purposefully chose to steer him away from those that I dated or shared my time with.  So, when this change in our lives occurred, and we moved from the only home he had ever known and into a familial environment where I would be sharing OUR lives with someone and I would be asking a person to enter our lives as a partner/co-parent...I expected, I don't know...something.

I won't say there's been nothing.  There have been moments where J has struggled to get his feet underneath him.  Making new friends, forming a family...all in an entirely new environment...hasn't always been a flawless exercise.  But, it's still been much easier than I thought. 

Soooo, happy 6-month anniversary to the Jen/UncleR family. 

This week has been a strange one, though.  A weather system moved through our part of the country.  (a strange occurrence for this area)  Due to the ice and snow, I've been off of work since Monday.  And J has been home from school for 3 of the last 4 days with us. 

This morning, we awoke to this:

A beautiful, freshly fallen snow. 

Outside, the world has stopped.  We've been "forced" to spend this time as a family.  It's quiet outside and warm and comfy inside. 

Rather than work woes, this week has been spent doing other things.  We've been enjoying each other's company.  We've been enjoying good food.  And we've been enjoying some wedding planning.

While the world is quiet, I have been busy inside the house with my family...loving every second of this life. 

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